Reiki & More

Private (in person, by phone or ZOOM) sessions to help you relax, recenter and re-balance. Choose from Reiki, Healing Touch, Crystals, Sound Healing, Meditation, and Oneness Blessings.

Aroma Freedom Technique

Work on your goals and dreams? Daphne uses Aroma Freedom Technique with essential oils to help you release your blocks and get after it.

Mindful Journey

Spiritual Adventures to Thailand with an insider

Guided Meditation

Enjoy these FREE guided meditations that include crystal singing bowls. Many to choose from by theme.

Heather Corbet

Heather Corbet

Professional Medium / Heather Corbet Medium and Spiritual Advisor

"Daphne's healing gifts have transformed me across all levels including improved physical wellbeing, emotional clarity, spiritual cleansing and advancing."

Carol Jensen

Carol Jensen

Nutritionist / Inner Connected Wellness

“Daphne is highly intelligent, gifted, and caring. She brings only light and the highest of intentions to her healing sessions. Her purposes are solely to benefit those who seek her skills, as she works to lessen the imbalances and pain in their lives. She takes healing seriously, is very professional in her approach and stimulates profound peace through her energy balancing.”

Sharon Duerichening

Massage Therapist

I had a totally amazing and profound experience. I left feeling incredibly energized and free, and that some important work had been done. I have more energy and joy in living than I felt before.


"Thank you for the "Honoring Ourselves" guided meditation! I really needed that one today; it helped me find peace within after a rough personal patch."


"My session with Daphne provided me with peace of mind and better clarity. Looking forward to another session. I felt like it helped me speak my truth. Thank you."

Janice Cotant

Kundalini Yoga Teacher / Pocatello Kundalini Yoga

"I have been a client of Daphne's for 3 years. She has been a strong component in my healing in many ways. She has spiritual gifts and is always eager to share. Her greatest gift is her capacity to love. She is full of light and always gives more than she takes. I have had profound results from her reiki sessions and have noticed that much of the healing and enlightenment comes days after the sessions. I would highly recommend her as a practitioner."

Karen Myler

Foot Zone and AromaTouch Therapist

"In July 2015, I was privileged to have a healing session with Daphne. My main area of concern was a hiatal hernia. With her calm, knowledgable, and loving energy she worked her magic on me. With Daphne's encouragement I was able to locate the emotion cause of my dis-ease. The next morning after a wonderful nights rest, I felt like my hernia was gone. It's been almost 6 months and I do NOT have the symptoms I had been experiencing before the session. I'm in gratitude for her sharing her healing gifts with me."