Manifestation Coaching

Let’s Make it Happen!

Do you have goals or dreams that you have been wanting to fulfill but just haven’t been able to?

Do you feel frustrated and hopeless?

Do you just accept things, situations as they are because you’ve given up hope?

Consider letting Daphne help you to accomplish your goals TODAY.


Daphne is a Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner and she uses Young Living essential oils along with some guided questions to help you accomplish your goals and live your dreams.


A man who routinely yells and stresses out while he’s driving when other drivers don’t use their turn signals, distracted driving, stay in the left lane when they’re driving slow. In the session, the man realized that when he was little, his father had the same behavior. By exhibiting the same behavior, the man was able to stay “connected” with his dad who had left their family when the man was 11 years old. Furthermore, the man’s father recently passed away 2 years ago. Because of the session, the man realized that he missed and loved his father even though their relationship was rocky. Within 2 weeks, the man was able to drive more calmly and no longer have outburts in the car.

I have personally used Aroma Freedom Technique to become more confident and clear about my priorities in life and letting go of being busy to fill up my holes of “not being enough” and to appreciate good health for my body instead of being driven by a certain weight and clothing size goals.

What is Aroma Freedom Technique?

A​​​​​​FT uses the power of scent to gently shift awareness away from negative thoughts, feelings, and memories, and to initiate a positive outlook and attitude.  This results in greater confidence and inner freedom.  When we are no longer stuck in negative mindsets we are free to create the life we desire.

Aroma Freedom Technique uses as highly as practical pure essential oils to help shift your awareness. Daphne uses Young Living oils and if you’d like to become a Young Living Distributor, click on the link below.

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